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Anybody wanna RP the original Naruto with me? I've been getting back into it lately, so I thought I would try RPing it as well. Here I'll list my rules, as well as my character's info, which I will update when necessary.


:bulletblack: I don't do 18+, at all. Either violence or 'other' things, if you know what I mean. No exception. It's just my personal preference. However, I don't mind innuendo or some violence, I will do that and like that. But no further than that, please.

:bulletblack: Please, please, please be a good speller, and use proper grammar/puncuation. If English is not your first language, I understand, but try nonetheless. I will correct and help you if that is the case.

:bulletblack: I'm looking for a RP partner for the long term. If we start RPing, please tell me/let me know if you can't or don't want to continue. I will do the same. However, as I'm currently finished high school and jobless, I have lots of free time I'm willing to dedicate to RPing.

:bulletblack: No playing as my character, or making your character a Gary Stu/Mary Sue. I've never had a problem with this, so far, so I'm not too concerned about this.

:bulletblack: I don't care for OCxOC, if you want to do that with two of your characters, go ahead. However, I prefer OCxCanon, and will RP your 'crush' if you RP mine. Note that I don't have much experience playing canon characters, but am willing to try. For something like Naruto, I know and understand the characters well enough (most, anyway) that I believe I can pull off their character well enough. Also, please don't make the character too, well, out of character. I really dislike it. Additionally, for any relationships, please don't rush it. I like to take it slow and let them develop instead of cutting to the chase.
:bulletblack: As for the length of replies, it doesn't really matter to me what format you use, as long as you don't use text talk. I hate it. Usually, I do a few sentences, depending if I lack ideas or not. I can do paragraphs, although I prefer not to because it takes a long time for me to come up with ideas. I will always try to write as much as I can.

:bulletblack: Cursing I don't mind, as long as it's not every second word in the sentence.

:bulletblack: I'd rather we do it in the original universe, episode by episode. Of course, we can skip some things, or even RP what our characters would be doing while other stuff was going on. However, I'd also like to add in some random fun stuff not in the original universe, such as festivals, celebrations, etc.

:bulletblack: I'd rather RP through notes. However, if I get to know you enough, I may consider Skype. If that does happen, I will only RP through text on Skype. Also, I am willing to RP through email as well.

Character Information

Name:  Yukimura, Kazuki (Snowy village, Hope)

Gender: Female

Age:  13

Birthdate: January 7

Height: 5' 6"

Weight: 120 lbs

Rank: Genin

Village/Country: Born in Shimogakure (Village Hidden in the Frost), in the Land of Frost, she and her family moved to Konohagakure in the Land of fire when she was approximately two years old.

Likes: Fighting, strong opponents, intelligence, toying with those who are weaker than her, quiet, taking care of herself, winning,

Dislikes: Stupidity, being underestimated as well as called weak, excessive loudness, being dependent on others, kunoichi who aren't focused on their training, damsels in distress, people who don't do anything in battle, those who disrespect their elders/peers, etc., losing

Hobbies: Training, reading, learning, creating her own jutsu, creating ice sculptures with her ability

Personality: Kazuki is competitive, stubborn, and proud. She refuses to be defeated and hates admitting her defeat, as being one of the top ninja has caused Kazuki to become confident in her abilities. If she does lose, Kazuki will train for hours on end in order to improve and overcome her opponent. However, Kazuki is also strong-willed, smart and ambitious, refusing to give up or abandon her goals, easily willing to put her life on the line if necessary.

Physical Description: Light silver hair, kept in a ponytail using hair sticks, with bangs on either side of her face. Eyes are dark turquoise. Kazuki's outfit hides it, but she has an athletic build and is quite muscular, due to all of the training she's done.

Outfit: Basically a short slate gray/blue kimono, with shorter sleeves and uses a red silk scarf instead of the traditional obi. Both sides are open, as she needs access to her holster. Black fabric covers her chest and neck, with a collar on the upper part. Underneath, a few layers of bandages are wrapped around her chest and lower areas. Standard pouch on the lower part of her back. Wears her forehead protector around her forehead. Standard ninja sandals.

Chakra Nature: Ice

Specializes in: Ninjutsu, Taijutsu

Other Abilities: Has the ability to control water and ice. While Kazuki can generally, and quite proficiently, control this ability, strong, negative emotions can cause her to strike at random. As a result, Kazuki's learned to control her emotions, fearing that if she let them get the best of her, she would hurt someone close to her. Additionally, Kazuki forced herself to stay away from other children, fearing she would hurt them as well. Because of this, Kazuki isn't the most sociable shinobi. Being from the Land of Frost and her ability to control ice, Kazuki is not affected by the cold very often. However, if someone from outside the Land of Frost were to touch Kazuki, they would noticed that she is generally colder than them.

Background:  Kazuki's parents brought her to Konoha as they felt that there was more opportunities for her there than at home. Also, because Kazuki is the best young ninja of the village, her parents thought they could help their country and village earn recognition by giving her a quality education, which is not available in the Village Hidden in the Frost.

When she enrolled in the Ninja Academy in the Village Hidden in the Leaves, and even before then, Kazuki was often met with strange looks, as she never played with other children, never even bothering to say hello. Later on, because she was from a smaller, weaker village and country, everybody came to believe that Kazuki was also weak and nobody thought it would be worth acting friendly, only treating her as if she was stupid and pathetic. It rarely bothered her, but an incident at the Academy had caused Kazuki to lose control of her ice manipulation ability, and she accidentally struck her tormentors with it. Afterwards, the way others treated her became worse, but she vowed to never let it happen again, which it didn't. Because of that pain, Kazuki gained the strength of both character and skill, which Kazuki thanks them for. Kazuki will show her gratitude by wiping the floor during their battles together, having vowed to become the strongest in her class so her tormentors will have to respect her.

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